Freecharge, the Best Digital Wallet in the Digital Ecosystem

If you think online transaction or bill payments are not safe or secure than you have not yet used Freecharge for your digital transaction. Start using this seamlessly reliable payment system and enjoy the benefits of easy transactions.

It is not just a recharging app, it is more than that. It is a digital wallet for all your needs.

get the freecharge app and enjoy the payment with great deals

get the freecharge app and enjoy the payment with great deals

Freecharge offers many other options via online wallet system.

  • You can send money or request money through your freecharge wallet.
  • You can recharge your phone via watsapp
  • You can pay bills and get great cashback on the payments.
  • You can make offline payments via freecharge without any liquid cash.
  • Pay electricity bills, gas bills, DTH bills, datacard bills and many more
  • Pay for your Metro SmartCard as well with this digital wallet.
  • Split bill among your friends with smart digital wallet.
  • Buy great deals on snapdeal with freecharge
  • Book movie tickets, dine in a fine restaurant and pay via Freecharge.
  • Register as a merchant and start getting payments.

Freecharge also send you reminders when your datapack is about to expire or finish.

You can even keep a track of your datapack. Know how much data pack is consumed and how much is left. This real time data consumption information is provided within the app.

It gives you notification in app about the various best deals on your recharge and bill payment options.

It gives you many faster ways to pay offline.

  • OTG (On The GO pin)
  • SCAN code

Choose any of the above mentioned method to do your offline payment.

With so many great features, who would like to go for hard cash?

Forget Hard cash, start using digital cash.


Are you using Freecharge? Have you ever tried Freecharge?

The old traditional way of bill payments or mobile recharge was to go to the shop, stand in a line and wait for your turn on the counter.

This is what I and my parents also used to follow 6 or 5 years back. Then I started using online mobile recharge options. Freecharge was the first online website I used for my mobile recharge. Best part was, I even got some vouchers worth the same price in return.

I have been using Freecharge for almost 4 years now and I must say that I have been completely satisfied by the mode of transactions on this app. Earlier I used to do multiple mobile payments on Freecharge website, but now since last 1 year I have been using Freecharge app only. With big screen smartphones, using any particular app is certainly easier nowadays. The app certainly provides you with lot more features and easy transactions. It enables you to recharge a phone with just 3 clicks. No typing required when doing your online payments.

Now even my parents use this app to make all the payments online. It is so simple and easy to use that even my mother who is new to smartphone could do the recharge without any difficulty.


Recently I visited the Freecharge office to attend a meet up with the tech folks and the great freecharge staff. It was really an interactive discussion that we had about the freecharge digital revolution and how they plan to make it much more better than we already have.


freecharge the online digital wallet for everyone

freecharge the online digital wallet for everyone


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They explain how they are different from others and why they are more safer than others. They give you the ease to do online payments with very minimal steps and almost anybody can do it with single attempt only.


Govind Rajan, CEO Freecharge, Says that their ultimate goal is to make this online transaction just a single click process. They want to take the freecharge to such a level that it becomes a part of each and every online process.

They take customer satisfaction very seriously and would make sure that their data and details stay safe with them at any cost.

They take all necessary measures to ensure safety of user account from frauds and thefts. They are ready to take extra step of action for making sure that user account details are not leaked at any cost.

The Customer support staff is also very cooperative and quick in dealing with almost all kind of online problems faced by the customer.


freecharge best mobile app for cashless transaction

freecharge best mobile app for cashless transaction


Do you know that only 2% of the Indian population uses digital platform for online transaction. This data suggests that there is a huge scope of digital penetration in Indian market.


But Freecharge is not just about mobile recharge or bill payments. It has many other great features that are worth using and saves a lot of time and money.

The success rate of recharge on freecharge is more than 98% and it happens in a very short span of less than 10 sec only. Isn’t that amazing?

This is not just an App, it is a wallet that is safe and secure and solves all your transaction problems with just few clicks.

Freecharge, “The Best Online wallet for all Digital Transaction”


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You can download the FREECHARGE APP and experience the fastest and seamless online digital cashless transaction.



Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.


Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.

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