Change in Employees’ Mindset – A Paradigm Shift

With the change in generation, there has been transformation in almost every sphere of life. And corporate world is the one which is affected by such transformation at the very initial stage of change, or I must say instantly. There has been a switch in the employees’ mindset as well, and this conversion took place in such a surprisingly smooth manner that I felt a force within to write something on this changing mindset.


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So what mindset am I exactly talking about?

It’s not too long ago that people preferred a secure job. They had a mind frame of continuing the same job throughout their lives. Many such people can easily be seen looking for government jobs. We still have people amongst us who have job security in their priority list while looking for a job. But, the ratio of such people has decreased drastically. Majority of people, especially the youth, now have a totally opposite mindset. Increased attrition rate and a constant rise in the number of startups prove that.

Even a step forward, people are working multi-dimensionally. It’s common to see a person being in job and simultaneously working on retainership basis and/or for his/her own business and/or “On Demand basis”. While working on retainership basis one may work for various parties. This kind of arrangement is made under certain agreement. Moving on to a simpler form of work arrangement, there come “On demand work, wherein there are limited responsibilities and risk. To further learn about “On demand work” click here.

Some questions that readily arises after looking at this scenario needs to be addressed:


  1. What? – The Theory

To become rich and famous is not a new dream that people have. It’s just that, they are now aware of numerous ways to turn their dream into reality. Failure is a word that does not bother us anymore. Whether it’s switching jobs more often or abandoning the job theory and moving towards self employment, we are afraid of nothing. Everyone is ready to get out of the comfort zone. Turning one’s hobby into profession is in trend now. Serving in a job is meant to fulfill the financial needs. The driving force is the urge to work for passion. Balancing both is what the talent is all about.

A huge lot of graduates aspire for starting their own business after getting a brief experience and sufficient savings from a job. One can go for a full time job for this or can work for multiple people online itself. However, many traditional companies still look for someone who can serve them lifelong or at least for a major period of their life. And it’s also true that they find someone who matches their expectations but it is so rare these days.

Furthermore, an increased number of retrenchments in private jobs have pushed employees like to keep a backup plan. The uncertainty associated with private jobs also forces the workforce to keep options.



tips to start earning money fast with multiple jobs

tips to start earning money fast with multiple jobs

  1. Why? – The Reason

It’s an obvious human tendency to grow, develop, discover and invent. And with the whole world going online, people are now getting a way to quench their thirst of doing what they really want to do. There are so much more options known to us now than any time before. You just name any remote field of work and you will find a good number of people trying to grab an opportunity in that particular field.

For a person who is satisfied in what he does looks for growth. This makes him hop from one job to another. Again, there are so many options around. MNCs and startups are the major reason for this. While MNCs promises better pay and better facilities, startups are the best place to gain an all round experience.

Globalization is again a major factor. People from different nationalities are working around the world. If you do not get enough options of your choice just move to another country which provides for it.


  1. How? – The Scenario

Flexible working hours, Job outsourcing, better communication services and options and easy access to free knowledge (that’s of course internet ;)) has made base for this scenario. Many companies are promoting work from home concept. It’s beneficial for both: the company and the employees. Companies have the benefit of cost cutting while the employee enjoys the liberty of working as per his time suitability. All that company expects is timely submission of assignment (appropriately done, of course) and what employee expects is a handsome pay. Such arrangement allows the employee to find sufficient time for his/her “other work”.


On Demand work has also came out to be a really good option in recent times. There are websites that provide you with work, which one needs to accomplish and submit it online itself. These websites work as a mediator for those who want to offer a certain job and for those who can do that job. One such website is All you need to do is get registered on the website and mention your skills and you will be provided with work accordingly.


workfast job, the online job portal for you

workfast job, the online job portal for you


Gone are the days of nine-to-five jobs. Youth is, now, looking for challenges. They are equipped with better tools to face these challenges. Working within comfort zone is boring & tedious. Nobody likes a monotonous job.


This scene is visible not only in metros and tier I cities, but also in tier II and tier III cities. In fact, tier II & tier III city population is eagerly getting acquainted to this kind of arrangement as it helps them to cross the most common hurdle they face; remoteness and lack of identity.



workfast the best way to hire and get hired online jobs

workfast the best way to hire and get hired online jobs


A few years back, “educated unemployed manpower” became a common problem for many countries including some of the developed nations and it is in fact, still a problem for many of those. However, this transition in psyche of the citizens has contributed a lot to solve this issue. And if it will be taken positively by the rest, who knows it can be a new revolution. For those who are still following the traditional concept of employment, it’s definitely going to be a big challenge to sustain without changing, as whether you like it or not, change is inevitable.

And for the rest, it’s again a challenge, as no change comes easy. It comes with a complete package.


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Akanksha Chhaperwal

Akanksha Chhaperwal

Am a fitness freak and prefer natural ways to remain fit. I enjoy dancing and practicing yoga.Apart from being a learned kathak dancer I love learning different dance forms as well.
Professionally I am a Chartered Accountant and live in Indore. I love writing and takes great pleasure in helping people.
Akanksha Chhaperwal

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Akanksha Chhaperwal

Am a fitness freak and prefer natural ways to remain fit. I enjoy dancing and practicing yoga. Apart from being a learned kathak dancer I love learning different dance forms as well. Professionally I am a Chartered Accountant and live in Indore. I love writing and takes great pleasure in helping people.

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