Why you should not stop working for your Dreams, My Story

Many times you work hard and you get the same result “FAIL”. You start looking for the mistakes and then you try again, and damn again the same result. Now you start getting frustrated, agitated and lots of anger against luck and god start building up. Now this is the time when you either RISE like a star over-shining others or you fall like a stone with no value. But exactly what decides either of the 2 different situations. It is the Patience and will power that you build during all that phases defines what you will become after that critical situation in your life. A person with lots of ambition and hope can change that power of agitation into energy to drive his skills and utilize it in the best ways, he knows he can.

do not give up after failing if you have the will to succeed

do not give up after failing if you have the will to succeed

Sometimes we know we can do it but we are scared of making yet another attempt. I feel, I made the very same mistake when I gave my first IIT entrance exam. I moved ahead in life and then came back to the same situation in life when I had an offer from IT Company. But I knew I am not an IT engineer. I have given my complete focus on Electronics and I aspired to be in the Core VLSI Industry. I knew I was good in it but my luck was not favouring me. I somehow landed with one EDA company at the most lowest position earning not even enough to get a bike for myself.

Now came the time to make the decision. Either to make another attempt and believe in myself or start my carrier with IT offer I hold.

hard work always pays off

hard work always pays off

This time I didn’t listened to anyone and went for my aim. I worked hard and learning was the only thing I had control on. I was playing tough as my manager was not supportive and neither my relatives. But my parents they never forced me anything. They had full confidence on me and that was something that gave me the strength to fight and move ahead. It actually is easy to say but seriously when the situation come it is never too easy.

During the phase I spend in learning, I acquired the skills that not everyone have. The skill to increase your time in a day.

Yes, you must be having 24 hours in a day. But I have more than that. Confused? Yes you might be.

Don’t go with the numeric figure “24”. I did Automations.

When you can do something manually in 3 hours and that too with manual/typo mistakes, I invested that time in doing something that can do the same task in 10 min and that too with minimal manual interventions.

So after some time, I will be free for the rest of the 2 hours and 50 min and will use that for something good.

So I saved my time and invested it in something good like learning.

How did I utilized that time that I saved?

I knew I was good in debugging and coding so I started PHP and wordpress. Now that is the direct indication to website development.

Yes I started developing website.

best though for a hard working person

best though for a hard working person

Why I started that?

Because I like to do that. It is something I always wanted to do. Now apart from working in that poor position in office I was also doing something of my own. That gave me lots of learning experience.

Slowly and slowly I realized the potential of it. Now I have 3 good websites with good ranking and cash inflow. I do not have to rely on anyone.

At the time of working in my previous company where I was not getting paid well, I managed to learn how to improvise my skills. It took lots of efforts that time but that efforts paid off 1 year later.

Sometimes things are not in your favour and you cannot do much in that case except to work harder and not to give up. I gave multiple Interviews and was rejected every time not due to my skills or my knowledge but due to my current position and CTC. I was working as consultant in that company and was not a full time employee.

Then one of my senior gave me a chance. I have one very good habit of pushing myself for the sake of keeping the good name for one who has recommended me. I came to know about this only after 2 very good incidents happening to me.

This is something that I still think is my life changer.

I started my work in new company and my unnoticed skills became a big success for me.

I am happy that life gave me a chance to sail through all that tough times. It helped me discover myself and my potential. It gave me a chance to interact with people that hold high distinctions. It gave me more than I could have achieved if I would have got everything so easily or if I would not have taken that chance of making my 2nd attempt.

So I would just want to conclude this with one good suggestion “Make attempts for your Dreams”.


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Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.


Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.

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