Things you should know before you Plan your Vacation

Vacation time!! Yes we all make plans for vacation during this time of year when the weather is good and schools and colleges are off. Many plan family vacation while some plan vacation with friends and girlfriends. To make your vacation the best time you spend with your love and dear ones there are few things that you should always take care before starting your planning, execution and journey to the desired destination.

vacation trips to indonesia and dubai, yatra tips

vacation trips to indonesia and dubai, yatra tips

I am also planning my vacation during this part of the year and I am very excited. I am planning to have a tour to Mount Abu and Udaipur with friends and we are very much done with our planning and bookings. From my past travelling experiences there are few really important things that I have captured and learned to make sure that my vacation stays relaxing and tension free. I have discussed all that below in 10 points. This list should surely help you in making your vacation the perfect vacation of the year and bring you the best memorable times of your life.

How do you plan your vacation?

Most people just plan where they want to visit and how much is the budget and package of the trip. This sometimes results in many small-small problems during the course of journey and stay at your vocational spot. If you make sure these below list is perfectly taken care before you plan your journey and start your journey, we assure you that you won’t be facing any problem in your vacation. You will make it a memorable one and most relaxing as well.

thinsg to remember while booking your vacation trips

thinsg to remember while booking your vacation trips

These are the things that need to be taken care while planning vacation.

  • Where to plan the vacation at this time of the year.

Overseas or within India?

Anywhere you plan your vacation, plan it with proper knowledge and information. Sometimes you end up making wrong decision as the plan gets cancelled at the last moment due to factors like bad weather, regional problems etc in that planned location.

Read about the best time to visit a place to explore the best of the scenic beauty and other artificial monuments or infrastructure.


  • You definitely do not want to get ill while on vacation.

Follow the guide on how to stay healthy while travelling and this will make sure that you do not end up with any health problem.

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  • Find the best possible and cheapest way to reach.

Yes there are many mediums to travel. Some may take more time, while other may take less. Some may take more money, while other may take less. Do check out the best way online with best booking site like Yatra. It gives you multiple offers on various types of booking. Pre-booking hotels is also available at a very reasonable cost. It offers good services like combo plan, cheap air tickets with hotel bookings, discount on many 4 & 5 star hotels that can be availed for family vacation easily.

There are multiple perfect vacation deals and packages that include the best places to visit with a complete stay and travelling plan.

Going with these plans helps reduce the tension of hotel booking, cab booking, vacation site viewing and much more. You feel relaxed and just focus on enjoying the vacation with your love ones. Spend more time with family rather than with the booking authority.


  • If you are planning to travel overseas, check out the best flights for that. Delhi to Dubai Flights or delhi to Singapore, delhi to London, there are many airways that travel at these locations so you should be able to find the best airways with the best price.


  • Prepare an itinerary for your vacation. You do not want to end up discussing where to head from one location to another while you are on vacation because that will take a lot of time and you won’t be able to make proper decision while on vacation with a mind set of relaxation. Do it prior to starting your vacation.



tips for best vacation plan

tips for best vacation plan

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  • Stay handy with some guide book or list of best places you are going to visit to make sure you do not miss out anything and then regret after coming back. Check out a list of possible places you can visit and the best places that you should visit for sure.


  • If you are planning for domestic tour (within country), do not just book a direct flight from home location to destination location. First check out the prices for the flight bookings for direct flight. Different flights have different prices and different offers that you can avail. Check out these offers on domestic flights like jet airways, Indigo Airlines, spicejet airlines etc.


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  • Do check out your flight schedule before you book your flight and make sure it is within your reach to make it on time. You will have to do check in 1 hour before your flight time as per rules, so do not make it in a rush.


  • You can also make a indirect flight booking. For example you want to book a flight from Bangalore to Delhi and it costs you around 4000/- one way. You can book indirect flight via Mumbai. Bangalore-Mumbai-Delhi. Have a stay in Mumbai for 1 or 2 days and enjoy Mumbai. The flight costs in indirect booking also costs you a total of 4000/- around and you get the chance to visit Mumbai as well.



  • Check out the weather at destination location and start packing your cloths. If it is beach, start packing your beach swim suit, sunscreen cream or lotion, shades , slippers half wear etc. If you are travelling to colder place, start with your warm cloths, jackets and proper inner wear. If you are travelling to camping or jungle safari start packing your camp house, mosquito repellent, air pillow and some common med for emergency. Create a check list and start packing to make sure you do not miss anything.


Make your plan and book your tickets. Enjoy this Vacation season to the fullest with more fun and relaxation. Find the best deals on your booking and Avail the best offers and discounts. Try out new things and have FUN.


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Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.


Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.

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