Unlocking the Childhood with Parents through Fun and Learning

The childhood age is the most crucial age of any individual’s life. It plays an important role in the overall development of the child and improving his intelligence and personality.

Even Doctors suggest having proper care and nurturing during the early childhood phase that last till 14 years. Giving proper diet and all the essential minerals and nutrients that can help in the growth of the mind and body to its fullest are necessary for the future developments of the brain.

Children usually run away from these important and necessary parts of meal since they do not taste so good. To include them in their regular meal we can have some other tasty products that are loved by them and at the same time provide them with all the essential fibre, nutrients, and vitamins also. Kellogg’s Chocos is one such good morning meal that is not only good for health but also healthy. It can be combined with milk or taken directly.

budding parenting with kelloggs

budding parenting with kelloggs

In such cases it becomes really important for parents to be more involved in the activities of children and guide them to the correct path. In the absence of guidance they may fall off- track and may inculcate bad habits and principles in life. To take proper care of children they need to be more interactive with them and provide them with correct guidance. Instructive parenting is not at all helpful on the other hand. A child does not know what is right and what is wrong for him and in that case if you are pushing some things on him forcibly he is going to always take that in negative form.

Parents usually doesn’t take out time to interact with their small buddies as they are mostly busy with their corporate life and in that case the children learn whatever comes to them, weather right or wrong.

In such situation comes the concept budding parenting where parents actually share their time with children and take part in the fun activities with children.

Buddy parents are those who make learning fun and creative for their young ones  and create bonding moments with their kids that go on to make for a happy and secure childhood.

Mutual sharing of learning takes place in such a situation. Children are expert in their part like playing games, drawing & painting, dancing on the latest songs etc. Parents can teach them good things like how to play like a team, how to start again if you fail, how to help someone, determination, patience etc. while at the same time they can get to know how to play video games, cricket etc. In this way they get more close to their loved ones and create bonding that actually helps them in understanding each other. The child get to know easily that what they are saying is actually for their good and will not take that in negative way even the instructions that comes up some times.

Recently I came across this one good video that actually tells us the same thing in a very presentable manner. You can check out the video below.

The video is from famous “Kellogg’s Chocos”  sharing the way how a bowl of daily kellogg’s can actually give you some time to talk to your little master and share with him some really important life principles. Explaining small things like this makes task easy and smooth because children usually love to have chocos and anything that comes with it either from parents or any elderly is very well accepted. So why not to use this key meal to share feelings and have a small discussion?

kelloggs chocos parenting with fun

kelloggs chocos parenting with fun

Image credits :- Kellogg’s chocos

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Parent-kid relationships have now evolved into a relationship where both learn from each other in one way or other. Parents learn from the kid as much as they teach them and it is true. With the evolving technology children have collected far more knowledge then parents and they can teach them with great expertise as well. This brings in the great time that parents can have with their little buddies learning and enjoying the new technology and recreating the moments of happiness. It creates those precious moments where the mother and kid bond. These moments create a happy and memorable childhood. Chocos as a brand celebrates uninhibited childhood and creating many such platforms that allow mom and kids to bond better.

We Hope to have budding parenting as part of our life since childhood days are the most crucial ones and they help in building the child’s over all mental and physical health. Lets give the children of India a secure and happy childhood.

If you also have something to share please tell us below. We would like to listen from you.


Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.

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Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.

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