If asked what would you like to use, Smartphone or desktop? More than 90% would go with Mobile (smartphone) and I can say that because mobile has become a mini personal desktop in itself, and why would someone spend money for a heavy, not so easy to carry device when he can buy a great small, pocket fitting, calling function enabled mini-computer in lesser price.

No one can deny that computers, specially desktops were really be in great demand some time back but now the generation of computing has advanced so much that everything which is capable to operate on desktop, can be worked on Smartphones as well and with Technology changing and evolving every day, new smartphones or mobile phones are being launched in every tiny corners of the world. Mobiles are getting more personalized than desktop since they stay with you everywhere you go and have an edge of being handy with you all the time.

smartphone the future of computing

smartphone the future of computing

People can once forget to login in their desktop but not in their mobile. In fact as per the latest research, every single man who uses smart phone checks his phone at least 50 times a day. The same study has also revealed that people having smartphones spend an average of 2 hours a day on their mobiles. Now that is just an average of all the categories of people using smartphone, so if we talk of the young generation like us, we spend almost 4 hours on an average a day.

If you still don’t agree with me, try this activity and let me know your feelings and the results that you come up with.

I am sure that your results will change your thinking about your personalized smartphones.

Activity to do

Take out the SIM card out of your smartphone and insert it in any lower range mobile phone that has just the calling and messaging feature. Now lock away your smartphone such that you cannot use it for the next one day only. Now you won’t miss on any important phone and still you won’t be able to resist staying away from your smartphone.

If you are thinking of not doing this activity I suppose you already have the feeling that how would you connect with your friends over chat or would access Facebook and all other apps for the complete one day. It is tough to even think of this, right?

It is a good way to understand how close you are with your smartphone and how attached and connected you are with your mobile phone.

Try out this activity and share with us your experience and you might end up telling us something new and interesting.

We lock up our smartphone with pin to keep out personal data secure and safe. But we also don’t share our phone with our family and friends. Why? Because we have so much personal stuff and our dark secrets stored in it that we cannot alien ourselves from using it.


comparison between desktop and smartphone sales

comparison between desktop and smartphone sales

The reality that comes out of the above graph is that people are moving to Smartphone internet surfing and they find it much more easy and comfortable to browse internet on their mobiles than on their desktops. Everyday more and more people are buying Smartphone and everyday there are increasing number of visitors on the e commerce websites from accessing their products and services from the mobile internet.

Some of the major benefits of Smart phones over desktops are:-

  1. It is estimated that mobile will take over desktop in next 2 years. As predicted, mobile phones will be seen in every hand by 2017. Already millions and billions of people are using their phones for accessing emails, facebook, scheduling appointments, etc. Soon most of the browsing will be taken by mobiles and tablets.
  2. From websites point of view, it is easy to optimize mobile websites. Taking the advantage of that one can easily get top positions in mobile internet search results since competition is in the building phase right now.
  3. Most people are using mobile because you can access the internet on the go and need not wait for any particular stoppage.
  4. The mobile phones are equipped with GPS so they can even provide you local information based on your location which is something really helpful if you are new to some place. Getting desired results on the internet is what one wants and mobile devices have the capability to fulfil these requirements.
  5. It has been observed that people using mobile devices make instant decisions and do not wait for days to make some purchase as what is the case of desktop users.
  6. The average speed of loading a webpage is faster on mobile phones compared to desktops. This saves time and people are really busy in their work that they hardly have patience left.
  7. Mobile users spend a lot more time on internet compared to the desktop users.

We all know, that we actually use smartphone for all our daily purpose like shopping, chatting, talking, accounting, creating notes and reminders, watching movies, videos and taking pictures and editing them, going social over internet and reading news, novels or books on the mobile.

Many websites have already made their entrance in the mobiles via apps like Myntra.

Websites like Myntra help people to buy and make purchase on their smartphone easily and smoothly, so there is no need to login on your laptop or desktop every time you want to buy something online. Just open the Android App and find yourself in their showroom where you can purchase everything you want, anytime you want. Great offers and discounts with online shopping Android apps is an added advantage the smartphone user gets.

There are examples where big firms have decided to stay on mobile only rather than to appear on desktop only. It is because they understand that smartphone is the new desktop and the future of computing and this is the platform that is going to evolve more in the coming years.

Smartphones gives you the flexibility to use Android apps that are made for some specific purpose and helps you in solving your problems while with desktop you cannot rely on anything as such apps.

What is your opinion on the Smart phones? Do you agree that smartphones have replaced the desktops and laptops and are the future of computing technology?

Share with us your opinions and thoughts in the comment section below.


Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.

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Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.

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