Things to Consider when looking for a 2 Wheeler

If you are looking to buy new bike and don’t know what to watch out for in the most advanced bikes then you must read this article. In the crowded roads and traffic jams, people are always in a hurry to reach somewhere and the best solution that comes to this situation is the bike that can give you good average on petrol and comfort on the road especially from speed breakers. Great style and look with the great grip in hand is something every biker dreams of and sometimes even purchasing a good bike becomes a headache.

With so many models and options available in the market, it is very obvious that you will get confuse and finally may end up with something that you might not even wanted to purchase. Let’s check out the main points that you should look out for when buying a new bikes in Hyderabad or Delhi or any other city.

The heart of bike is its engine and tough engine are really important to look for. Engine that will give you great on-road average per kilometer and engine that requires minimum maintenance over time are the best choice. Get yourself the best engine and hero Honda bikes are really a great value deal for great bikes.

Brakes and the braking system is the next main thing in bike. Disc brakes in the rear and front wheels are now available in almost all new models of bike and they offer better safety on road. Great tyres with great grip that can give best friction on road are the next big thing.

Look for auto start feature as well. Most bikes today have auto start in them and it gives you smooth start every time. The world is moving towards technology and digital features then why should you stay behind. Look for digital speedometer and digital locking system in your new bike to purchase. Great speed sensors and side light sensors are also coming up in latest bikes. You can easily get your hands on these bikes in Hyderabad showrooms and service based bike sellers.

Great suspension system and shockers are required on Indian roads for a comfortable drive. Harley davidson, Hero Honda, Bajaj, Royal Enfield are some of the top names in the 2 wheelers industry and motor works. You can easily rely on the after sale services as well for companies like Hero Honda which have great resale value as well.

buying bikes in hyderabad

buying bikes in hyderabad

With the petrol prices going up, everyone looks for good average and most bikes gives you an average of 60+ after 2 services. Many bike companies are even giving first 3 services free of cost and many other great gift hampers on purchase.

Sports bike are not great on average but who can resist the great look and feel of sports and racing models. They are quite costly as well but then there is something unique for what you are paying a good amount.

What would you look for in a bike of your dream and which bike would you suggest to any common man and why?

Share with us your views and thoughts and tell us “which is the best bike in the market is right now?”


Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.

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Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.

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