On the Path of Making Digital India through Technology and Innovation

digital India moment

digital India moment

Dream of #Digital India is something that can be accomplished only if technology can shake hands with the lower and middle class people. We all know that today almost 50% of people don’t have access to internet. And many of those don’t even have skills to work on it. Skill development is no doubt the one big target for the digital India campaign but we need to work on the many other aspects as well. Like using technology for economic development and growth.

Providing funds for research and development can help India grow. There is not much scope in career if someone wants to take research as a career option. We need to build that career domain to generate better and innovative ideas.

What we lack is the knowledge of how the digitalized things work. Need to empower students with a subject of latest digital knowledge as a no credit course where the only objective would be to make them aware of what can they do with the knowledge of digital systems. Awareness about latest technical advancements and their future of growth and development as a consumer product is also very important. India is lacking behind other countries in technology by a period of more than 2 years and this gap needs to be filled.

Ways are many such as “if we can setup industries so that the Gadgets that we operate can actually be made in India” will help make India independent. Cheaper electronics like laptops, computers, and tablets will help India grow in digital manner.

E-governance is of great value to the system as it provides an open and transparent window to all the Indians citizens. But we need to provide access to these portals to the lower middle class and middle class people because they constitute the major population in India.

Free courses for the graduates in the field of research can help India grow and stand out as a powerful economy.

India needs a fabrication lab to be established to enable more digital power to flow and generate better products and gadgets within India.

Innovation and creativity are the backbone of the idea of digital India. No doubt India has lots of talent and innovative people but what is stopping them from taking it from innovation to a full fleshed product is the lack of guidance and funding. Proper guidance and funding can help people come forward with new creative thoughts and ideas.

People like Pranav Mistry are making India proud and there are many others like him who need a platform to showcase their creativity and innovative idea.

Technology is something that will bring many other problems related to environment with it as well, so we need to work in the direction of green technology and clean digital India.

Skill development is one of the important factor that will drive the digital India moment forward. Providing job opportunities to as many people as possible will help in building a nation that will create benchmark for development and stability.

Technology and digital information in E-governance can be of help in many sectors. Some of them are:-

“Digital Traffic control”
Having an automated digital speed recorder and cameras to keep an eye on highways can help reduce road rage and accidents.

Having a digital “challen machine” in the hands of the traffic police will avoid the flow of corruption.

“Digital Education”

Providing video-audio tutorials for the skill development in many domains can boost the literacy rate of India and help people learn without any financial constraints.

“High speed data”

Fiber optics promise the consumer with high speed internet data. Need to switch from the conventional Broadband to FTTH technology is required to get the cutting edge speed.

“Digital ticketing system in Public transport”

Ticketing system in India is still of the backward type that consumes lot of time. The ticketing on the paper tickets is also a waste of natural resources. Similar to the IRCTC webportal, if some mobile messaging service can be implemented for the ticketing of the on road public transport, it can be really a big step in the path of digital India.

 India has the potential to be what it wants to be and with Intel coming up for help in the realization of the dream to Digital India with initiatives like “Digital Skills for India” and “Innovate for India” , it shows that the dream is not big and we can achieve it.

Intel has joined hands with BSNL as well to share the efforts of making India Digital. And not only this, Intel is continuously coming up with great ideas for making Digital Information accessible to the Indian people easily.


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Your turn to tell us what can be the next step in the efforts to make Digital India and as we discussed many ways by which we can realize the dreams, what do you think about them. Do you have any other idea or thoughts that can be a part of Digital Nation? Share with us your viewpoints.


image credits :- India.gov.in


Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.


Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.

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