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One of the biggest online network of classified ads, Quikr is all ready to help you upgrade your vehicle and help you drive a better car today. Why are you still driving that old, poor average car which consumes lot of money on maintenance and petrol when you can purchase a new upgraded car.



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How to do that online when there are so many fake calling and untimely calls to attend? “QuikrNxt online classified” a solution to all your problems. Tired of answering fake calls while selling something online? Don’t know where to purchase accessories from, for your car. Want to upgrade your car and don’t want to buy a new one. So many problems and one quick solution – “Quikr”.  Selling or buying online was never so easy but with QuikrNxt it is like a smooth process and no “fikr” when you have “Quikr”.

You don’t know car driving but want to learn. Can’t take a risk of learning on a new car. Here is the solution “Buy a used second hand car”. It is simple and easy only on Quikr.

Small family can adjust in a small car but what if your family grows. Need to buy a bigger car? But don’t have enough cash to purchase a new one. Then go for Quikr. With QuikrNxt you can easily exchange pictures, videos and text over phone. No need to share details like phone number and address unless you are sure of buying and selling.

Want to change your 2 wheeler into 4 wheeler this summers? Don’t know how to upgrade your vehicle with minimum cost and price?

You can find the answers to all your problems on Quikr, The best online classified website that deals in all types car selling and purchasing directly from the client. No need to give extra commission to the mediator (agent). Check out the many option available and choose the best that fits your pocket.

Want to sell your old Car and want to buy a new one. But don’t know where to sell? Go to Quikr. Sell your car at great price and value. Talk to the valuable buyer on chat and send all the details while sitting at home. No need to run from one store to other in this hot weather. Stay cool at home and sell your car and upgrade to new.

You can also contact a car dealer or automobile agency over QuikrNXT and set up a comfortable exchange with in your city.

What if you want to get some cash in hand first and then go for car upgrade that will depend on your cash in hand or liquid cash available? It is possible and simple. Simply sell your car over quikr and get a good deal. Once you have some cash and some savings, you can check out all the options on quikr for a better car.

The QuikrNxt app can installed on mobile or can be used on computer, laptop. It is easy to use and install. Free to use and install. Now keep a log of chat history and know which buyer offered you a better trade for your car.

Next big thing from Quikr

instant messaging app for buying and selling

The Chat feature gives you the flexibility to speak to every dealer and seller and maintain a privacy at the same time.

Quikr offers you the idea of filtering your search with your choice of car. So check out the car that you dream of.

Have a car but want to upgrade it by adding some features and accessories? Want to have an audio player, GPS vehicle monitoring system or anything else you want for your car. Check out quikr with best deals for your car upgrades and get quick sellers with negotiable prices.

Making a good Profitable deal when purchasing a car can be tough at times but quikr helps you in making these car dealings hassle free. Check out the quikr.com and make your deal now.


Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.

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Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.

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