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Discover 3 Main Reasons Why We Fall Sick

We are surrounded by so many diseases today that keeping a good mental and physical health has become one of the main objective of every human being on earth now. Many go to gyms or do yoga or take various antibiotics to stay fit and healthy. But the question that comes straight to our mind is why such a need came into existence. The answer to this question is also the answer to the question that what can be done to stay fit and healthy.

After the age of 24, we find ourselves caught in one or more physical or mental problems. Around 70% of population of the world is under depression.

People don’t find time to relax from their work. Everyone is busy making money and is trapped in the cobwebs of life.



Learn how to stay away from unwanted illness and lead a healthy and energetic life

## Sweat out your toxic liquid

Yes today we live a very comfortable life in AC and we hardly do any sweat taking work. Our body is so intelligent that it always separate the toxic substances from the food. But it also wants us to separate it from the body through sweating. You take an example of a child playing outdoor games and one who does all his work in AC and doesn’t work out. You will find that the child is healthy and physically fit. He hardly needs to take any extra care of his body. But the other person’s body becomes very sensitive to communicable diseases and fell ill sooner. His body comes in contact of cold more easily. This is the reason why farmers are healthy while the business mans are not. They need to take pills.


Do some hard work that can bring out some sweat out of your body and your body can remove the toxics that actually contribute to your illness.

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work out daily to stay healthy

Go to gym, do work outs, do jogging or cycling, play outdoor games so that the toxics get their way out and does not accumulate in your body. Human body is made 70% of water. Like a water purifier our body also purifies the water inside our body. But it is also the fact that we need to exercise to keep the filter of the body purifier in the perfect condition.

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The rat race to earn money is taking away the joy of life and leaving us with many new problems and diseases that are slowly eating away our body from inside like a slow poison.

##High dose of Depression and Tension

Depression is one of the disease the whole world is fighting against. Almost every 2nd person is under depression.

There are many symptoms that shows you are suffering from depression like

Having sleepless nights.

Getting irritated on small little issues.

Losing temper easily.

Not able to concentrate on your work.

Tension and depression takes away your peace of mind and leave you with nothing but some mental illness and scattered life. Many people are so depressed with their life that they start thinking about suicides. Many start taking sleeping pills to get sleep at night. Drug addiction and becoming alcoholic are some of the worst case that are a result of serious depression.

live a healthy life with yoga

Tips to stay healthy and happy

How to stay away from depression and tension.

Kill away your problems. Do what is correct and try to talk to someone close enough to understand your problems. If you will talk about your problems you will find the solution to your problems. Keeping the problems to yourself will only make it worse and nothing good will come out of it. Share your problems weather it is person or professional with your family, your closest friend. Get some counselling to understand your problem and you will get your solutions.

Don’t mix your personal life and professional life. It sometimes becomes a bigger problem. Try to engage yourself into some creational activity. Involve yourself into some social service activity. Human heart find peace when it helps someone.

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Why does a 10 year old child able to have a good sound sleep even if he has an exam the day after tomorrow?

Because he knows that whatever may happen tomorrow it is not going to last forever and he will be able to play again tomorrow.

He is not concerned with output. He has done his part of the study, now it’s the luck that will decide the rest. Try to be like him. Enjoy the very moment of life. You never know what stands your way the next moment then why to take tension.

We are depressed because we fail to achieve what we wanted to and we take tension because we are scared that we may fail. Failure is never permanent and failing is a good thing.

Know more about good part of failure here

How does Failure Teaches Us To Win Battles of Life

##Ad life to your days not days to your life.

Don’t just live a boring life and live it as a responsibility. Live your life adding some spark in it. Always keep a child alive in your heart.

Bored of Routine Life then “Do what Makes You Happy”

Make others happy to stay happy. We are so much involved in our work and business and making money that we forget to enjoy the money we are earning and finally we just add up our wealth for nothing. Don’t just keep adding your days but ad life in it. This way you will never get a wound so deep that can never be healed.

Do practice yoga to get rid of mental disturbances that makes you weak and disease prone.

Learn here :- 

How to Do Yoga Practices to Keep Your Body Healthy

(Discover it)

We fall ill because we think we are ill. Yes our mind is very tricky and knows what we tell him and want him to know. Once you start thinking that you are ill you will surely start becoming ill. Your body and mind work in synchronous with each other. Once your mind is convinced that you are falling ill though you are not, it will communicate it to the body. Now this is something really helpful. How you must be thinking. Don’t scratch your brains I will tell you how. What if you start thinking the other way. Like you start thinking that you are physically and mentally fit you will soon find that you are getting good physically and mentally. This won’t make you fully healthy or disease free but will surely heal the pain.

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Ok take it this way. You give a person a glass of clean water and ask him to drink it. After he has drunk it tell him that the water was having virus and bacteria in it. He will start feeling ill. Although there wasn’t any impurity in the water he drank. This is the effect of negative and positive thinking.

Start thinking Positive and stay healthy.


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Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.


Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.

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