Cyberwar Between India and Pakistan is Raging up, Modi Webpage Defaced.

Borders between India and Pakistan are full of tension and now that tension and aggression can be seen on Internet as well. Making Hacking as a tool to display the anger and aggression which these 2 countries namely India and Pakistan holds for each other, they are practicing techniques to fight against the main land of Kashmir which is a part of India. Pakistan seems to have lost control over its ability to think and justify what is write and what is wrong.

In response to the hacking activity done by some Pakistani missionaries , Indians are giving them the answers in their own style challenging them to dare to do any more such mischief and they will suffer big time.

Pakistan recently defaced the press club of India Website. They even made some bad comments on our PM Narendra Modi. You can clearly see the picture below that shows what was their intentions behind such a shameless class of work they did.

India vs pakistan on cyber hacking

activities in hacking world of internet

Series of events that took place between the 2 countries follows :-

A hacker calling himself Devil Haxor managed to intrude into the official website of Mohanlal. He uploaded an image of Pakistan flag and posted messages and separatist slogans. The hacker bragged he had hacked an Indian Army site and it was an Eid gift. Interestingly, the hacker mistook the website as that of the Army.

In response to this

Keralites known for their expertise in cyber warfare also spammed the Facebook post of Pakistan Defence. They posted their comments in Malayalam on each and every posts updated by the Pakistan Defence force.

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Interestingly, Malayali hackers managed to make it funnier by posting the photo of Mohanlal’s epic dialogue ‘Nee Po Mone Dineshaa’ on the hacked websites. “Payback for hacking our Lalettan’s website”, the hacked page read.

Meanwhile, in another incident, the official website of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) got hacked. Indian Hackers Online Squad hacked the website and posted pictures of the Indian flag on the website. The hackers criticised PPP chief Bilawal Butto, for his recent comment about taking Kashmir back from India. The sites are still under the control of hackers.

On Thursday, on the website of the National University of Modern Languages, Lahore Campus, hackers calling themselves ‘The Malalyali Army’ challenged the Pakistanis to first take back the site and then consider seizing Kashmir.

A day after Pakistan People’s party (PPP) website was hacked by anonymous hackers following its leader Bilawal Bhutto’s controversial comments against India, the Press Club of India (PCI) website was hacked and defaced on Thursday. The hacking seems to be a follow up of Wednesday’s incident when the PPP’s official site was defaced and comments ridiculing Bilawal Bhutto for his remarks on Kashmir.

The hackers of the PCI site, which was flooded with anti-Modi messages, have also challenged the Indian officials to trace them. “Team cyber Warriors” group that hacked the PCI site also left a message saying that the group is on a mission targeting Indian Government websites.

The messages left by the group on the website echo what was seen on Mohanlal’s website and read, “We (will) never forget what you did against humanity. In Jammu and Kashmir, millions of people are dead. Indian forces killed Kashmiri families, killed innocent children. But no one cared! Your bank accounts, credit cards, servers are in danger.”

hacking PCI website

Hacking PCI website and defacing the wall

Meanwhile, the official website of the Pakistan Railways was too hacked on Thursday. A group named, ‘Black Dragon Indian Hacker Online Squad,’ has claimed the responsibility for hijacking the site and said their action is due to the years of injustice and misbehaviour by Pakistan.

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A recent report of data from 2011 to 2014 (May) showed that 86,959 Indian websites had been targeted by hackers across the world in this time frame. The most heavily targeted websites are those of the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) and that of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

It is very much possible that some one is trying to heat up the relationships between India and Pakistan and we need to look into this seriously.

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Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.


Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.

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