Reasons why you should buy iphone6 and iwatch

Top Reasons why you should go for iphone6 and iwatch

Reason 1 )

Meet the A8 chip, Apple’s second-gen 64-bit offering with some 2 billion transistors, which Apple describes as sporting “up to 25% faster processing power and up to 50% faster graphics.” If you’re after some of the fastest phablets on the planet, the new iPhones are probably going to rank at the front of the pack.

Reason 2 )

The iPhone 6 Plus has a larger battery, which lends it the ability to do up to 80 hours of audio (versus 60 for the iPhone 6 and 50 for the iPhone 5s), 14 hours of video (11 and 10 for the iPhone 6 and 5s respectively), an hour or two more than the iPhone 6 and 5s when browsing over Wi-Fi, LTE and 3G, up to 24 hours of talk time over 3G (versus 14 and 10 for the iPhone 6 and 5s respectively) and 16 days of standby (versus just 10 days for both the iPhone 6 and 5s).

Reason 3 )

The coolest-sounding improvements are clearly to the iSight and FaceTime cameras. The 1080p iSight camera in both phones is still 8MP with 1.5µ pixels and ƒ/2.2 aperture (just like the iPhone 5s’s), but includes a new sensor that supports an autofocus-enhancing feature called “Focus Pixels” found in high-end DSLR cameras.

Reason 4 )

Apple Pay, which is what Apple’s calling its new pay-with-your-phone service, is Apple’s bid to make cash, checks and plastic credit cards obsolete by coupling the new iPhones’ NFC antennas with a TouchID fingerprint sensor. But if it works as simply and securely as Apple says, including the company’s provocative claim that Apple Pay is moresecure than keeping cards in your wallet, it could be the deal-clincher many have been waiting for.

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Reason 5 )

The new 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch higher-resolution displays

Apple calls the iPhone 6’s new 4.7- and 5.5-inch diagonal screens “Retina HD displays.” But for those that like bigger numbers, the displays are notably higher resolution: 1334 by 750 pixels (326 pixels per inch, or over one million pixels, a tick higher than 720p) for the iPhone 6 and 1920 by 1080 pixels (401 pixels per inch, or over two million pixels, and native 1080p) for the iPhone 6 Plus.


The iWatch, which requires the iPhone, starts at $349 and goes up from there, so buying an iWatch and an iPhone 6 (much less an iPhone 6 Plus) is going to set you back quite a bit more than you might otherwise have budgeted for just a phone.

The good news: so long as you have an iPhone 5 or better, you can use Apple’s new iWatch when it arrives sometime in “early 2015.”

Reason 1)

Each Apple Watch comes with a range of watch faces you can change whenever you like. You can also add specialized functions — known in watchmaking as complications — to most faces. Choose stopwatches, stock quotes, weather updates, and more. When you combine all the possible options, the opportunities for personalization are virtually endless.

Reason 2)

You won’t just see and respond to messages, calls, and notifications easily and intuitively. You’ll actually feel them. With Apple Watch, every exchange is less about reading words on a screen. And more about making a genuine connection.

Reason 3)

Messages, calls, and mail. Tailored for your wrist.

Apple Watch adds a new dimension to the way you communicate. In just a glance it shows you who’s contacting you. It even gets your attention the way another person would — by tapping you. There are subtle audio cues, too. The experience is discreet and nuanced, with different types of notifications having their own unique character.

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Reason 4)

Tap. Let friends or loved ones know you’re thinking of them with a silent, gentle tap they’ll feel on the wrist. You can even customize taps for different people.

Reason 5)

Apple Pay is a more convenient, secure way to pay using just your Apple Watch. Now you can buy coffee, groceries, and more right from your wrist. With a simple setup, you can use your credit and debit cards at hundreds of thousands of U.S. locations, with more to come.


Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.


Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.

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