Tech World Celebrates Fools Day in a smart way

WhatsApp , One of the messaging app giant recently owned by facebook was rushed with Sunny Leone’s Contact number . The Number goes viral on the fools day and people are taking there chances to have Sunny Leone in there chat friend list . Who knows may be the number is real , but expecting a reply back from sunny is such a foolish thing . Getting hands on a Bollywood actresses’ personal contact number is like a dream come true for many people and what if she turns out to be porn star Sunny Leone!!!

Try opening or saving that contact number and you will find yourself fooled by your friend.

So guys don’t get fooled up with such a poor prank on whatsapp.


Google has its own way to celebrate the pranks day.

Smelling is believing is what Google says for its Google Nose that Lets You Smell The Web. Don’t you get so excited because this is a prank that Google has played for its users. Google says that it allows users to search the Internet through smell and says that it has incorporated the new feature into its search. Click on the Try Google Nose Beta button on its landing site to try this new feature.

Try it and don’t feel upset if you don’t get it to work because it is April Fool Day.

Google has prepare some other new pranks for you as well which include Gmail Shelfie and Google Maps Pokemon Challenge.

Do an update for Android and iPhone versions of Google Maps and go around the world catching Pokemon.

This is a half April Fool’s joke because Google has actually added Pokémon to Google Maps and if you download the latest version for Android or iPhone you can actually scan the map and catch 150 of the cute little critters. The game comes with a fictional job ad, offering the position of “Pokemon master” for those who could catch all 150 Pokemon. So don’t be in a misconception that if you are the Pokemon Master on Google Maps then Google will offer you a JOB .

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Samsung Fly-Fy – on April Fool Day

Samsung on the April fool day is giving an Internet speed of 4G with the help of pigeons. True ? NO its not but that is what Samsung is saying to make fool. It says that it has come up with a genius idea which makes used of all those annoying pigeons while improving internet access in public spaces. It’s called Fly-Fy and sees micro-router packs attached to London pigeons. Samsung says that it is ‘lightweight, water-resistant and do not impede the pigeon’s normal flying action’. Tests show that where more than 50 birds are gathered, signal strength is better than 4G.

This is not the only prank that Samsung is playing. It has a Smart Glove technology weird prank also to display.

The Prank is Chosen to make a laugh at the growing Smart Wearables that are hitting the market from time to time. The fake Smart Glove is a creativity of two tech giants – Mobile phone manufacturers HTC and Samsung.

The fictional smart glove features a 3in (8cm) LED display, 16 megapixel camera, as well as gyro, barometer, compass, heart rate, proximity, thermometer, voice and gesture recognition sensors equipped with solar charging facility.

The story became real when it said in a very convictional press release that “Samsung Fingers reinvents and modernises the classic use of the human hand,”


How can Apple stay behind in the weird race of making its customers fool on the day – 1st April,2014.

Apple declared that it has acquired iFixit (the company dedicated to DIY repairs) which came as a surprise sinceApple’s products have earned a reputation as hard-to-fix.

The site has gone through changing its entire homepage to bear resemblance to Apple’s own site and on website it declared itself proud to have been acquired by Apple and said that it would “become a key player in the future of Apple device development”.

“As part of the deal Apple made a commitment to produce the most replaceable electronic devices and personal computers on the market. This is a clear win for the whole iFixit community,” it said.

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“Visit any of our Apple Store locations and an army of well-groomed young people will happily take your money and congratulate your excellent taste.”

Another one came as – Some iPhone 6 ‘Air’ pictures were leaked but don’t Worry you haven’t missed it because its not real But is it an April fool.


Various tech companies joined the April Fool jokes and hilarity. For Insatance Nokia, tweeted that the company had launched a new smartphone, Nokia 3310 with PureView camera.

It says that it has come up with a modified version of Windows Phone 8 which is a result of merging the two phones. It bring the 41Mp PureView camera to the old school 3310 . Don’t get to impressed as this is a prank played by Nokia to enjoy April Fool day.

The popular third-party mobile browser, UC Browser, has also launched its ‘revolutionary’ Calorie Browser that helps you burn calories while you surf the Web. This initiative, too, is part of its April Fool pranks.

The famous File sharing website The Pirate Bay has celebrated April Fool’s Day by announcing the development of a device that could project movies and games into your mind.

“In co-operation with Russian, Israeli and Japanese neuroscientists, we are developing a device that will embrace your entire mind,” the announcement reads.

Adult-free internet on April fool day

UK-based broadband news site decided to use the day and make fool by reporting the blocking of adult content by leading UK ISPs to make the internet friendlier to “those under the age of five, and Justin Bieber”.

It would involve, it reported, the removal of “all content depicting or involving adults”.

ISPs would use real-time advanced Deep Packet Inspection technology to “allow them, for example, to replace images of women’s underwear on the Marks and Spencer’s website with a crayon drawn alternative created by local children”, it added.

Last but not the end is the  “3D tower”  – Amazing Idea based on the very popular 3D Printing Technology which is now a days a news on every mouth.

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The Register reported that BT’s iconic central London tower would be replaced by a 3D-printed version.

Since it is unable to carry today’s payload of telecommunications equipment.

“In the event of a terrorist bomb attack the lightweight 3D printed BT Tower will fall harmlessly onto the 3D printed version of Euston Station below,” it said.

And many others poor Fooling jokes .

April Fools’ Day is here, and there’s no doubt that this day brings out the best from companies with a sense of humour. And with some laugh they can also generate some good ideas with the data of how many would wish for such a technology to exists in the market place. This might give them an insight of what the market wants from them. That is what we say “ Make your Business a Fun activity and you can make the Fools out of it” .


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Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.


Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.

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