4 Thought-Provoking Reasons to Maintain a Blog While Pursuing an Online Degree

If you’re earning a degree online, it may feel like you’ve already got so many new responsibilities to handle, it’s time to put your blog on hold, at least until life calms down a bit. However, as you’ll soon see, blogging regularly while working towards a degree may bring many benefits.


blogging advantages and uses

blogging advantages and uses


Your Blog Could Encourage Others
You never know what other people are going through as they read the content of your blog. If you are very open about your decision to earn a degree online and show a willingness to authentically describe all the high and low points of your experience, there’s a good chance you’ll inspire readers to follow your lead.

It’s a Potential Networking Tool
In the best scenario, your blog content will reach people all over the world. Even if it only gets read by a much smaller segment of the population, it’s still potentially an extremely worthwhile networking tool.
Maybe you’ve recently written a post about how you’re enrolled in an online course about health care informatics and are eager to start looking at possible places for future employment. There’s always a chance people might read that and give you names of companies that may be in need of individuals with your newly acquired skills.

A Blog Makes It Easy to Get Feedback
While writing blog content, you might get into the habit of posing open-ended questions that range from extremely specific to quite broad. Even asking something such as “Do you think there’s something I’ve missed?” at the end of a post could be enough to change your perspective and get you thinking in new ways.
Be sure to enable comments on your posts so people can immediately weigh in after they’ve read something. You might also like to have comments from where people can leave suggestions or give compliments.


maintain a blog while having a degree

maintain a blog while having a degree


Blogs Help You Convey Authoritativeness
Blogs also facilitate sharing what you know and allowing you to build a reputation as a person of authority. For example, maybe you’re taking an online course through the University of Southern California (USC) to earn your Executive Master of Health Administration degree, and have come up with what you think are a few essential traits for anyone who is taking the same USC Online course. Those thoughts might turn into an excellent and engaging blog post.
A blog post can also be an excellent vehicle through which to translate what you’ve learned into words that are quickly understood by laypersons. Perhaps your professor asked you to read an article relating to health administration about a complex degenerative disease, and you want to dispense what you’ve learned to your blog’s followers. When you’re a fully qualified person working in your field, you may often have to communicate confusing things to individuals who don’t have the same level of knowledge you do, so consider your blog a good place to practice.
These four points can make you realize that working toward an online degree is usually not a good reason to put your blog on hold. In fact, blogging could complement your career goals.

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