Simple and Effective Skin Care Solutions to Stay Young and Healthy

face care skin acne

face care skin acne

Skin Problems can be really irritating and annoying since these majorly shows up on face and we care a lot about our looks and face.

Now these days pimples and acne are very common among youth and the reasons are very particularly related to food and water.

You would be shocked to know that the water that we drink is actually not at all good in any terms. If you are using filtered water then 80 to 90% of the essential minerals are already filtered out and what you get is just the mineral less water to drink. Now our skin needs regular supply of water but since we are so much comfortable in our AC’s that we hardly feel the need of having regular water. That again adds to water supply shortage to our body.

We are in habbit of having regular fast food like pizzas, burgers, maggies, pasta etc. What we assume is that these are not bad for health bec they have such advertisements that they make us believe that these ready made items are healthy. Certainly they are not and that is what our skin also shows us.

Stop eating too much spicy food and take lots of water and you will find the change, a positive change. Start Eating Fruits and vegetable and whenever possible take fresh juices to keep your body nutrients and minerals requirements satisfied.

How else can you cure yourself from these acne and pimple problems?

There are some great in detail methods that we explained to help you cure and prevent acne and pimple problems and keep your skin more bright and fresh.

You can check that in detail explanation here

Other than that there are many good herbal ways like Vicco Turmeric Cream with form base that provides a good solution to acne problems. Not only acne but also blackheads and oily skin as well. You can check out the video that they have prepared to give you a small introduction to this herbal skin care recipe.


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The ayurvedic and herbal cream has many advantages that keeps your skin healthy and shiny. Rather than using that makeup and artificial skin cream , using this face cream can help you in keeping your face free from duct and outside ailments.

Today the environment is  so much polutated that it is even hard to breathe freely. Than how can our skin breathe out ? That is one of the major reason for many skin problems and the solution is to keep your skin clean. The skin have pores and they need to breathe out and breathe in so they need to be clean and blockage free. Acne occurs when these pores are blocked due to some reason.

Using good face wash like the Herbal Vicco Turmeric face wash helps in keeping acnes away .

Ayurveda has various benefits over cosmetic facial cleansing regimes and this is the reason I advice people to use only natural remedies to prevent or cure any skin related problems.

best acne solution

best acne solution

Use Tulsi, Neem and Alovera on your skin and you will surely be more satisfied than using any artificial cream that says that it contains all these natural herbs. Alovera has great capability to keep the skin healthy and beautiful.

Eating 2 neem leafs in the morning will help you keep your skin fresh through out the day. Tulsi can be taken with neem to reduce the bitterness of neem.

These natural herbs have long lasting positive effects but people usually avoid these because of the reason that they need quick solution to their problems. The natural ayurvedic taste will take some time to show its poistive effects but they are very much healthy and have no side effects on our skin or body health compared to the artificial ones that have quick effects but are not good for health in the long run and they are not going to cure your illness but reduce the outside effect. Hence when you take these artificial medicines, you get the same skin problems once you stop taking them.

Conclusion:- Our skin need all the basic minerals and care but in natural manner. Keeping a good digestion and proper diet will help you reduce these problems. Always go for natural methods and do regular exercise to keep your body fit. Regular sweating is good for your skin because that is the only way for your skin to through out unwanted chemicals and acids out of the body and keeping your skin fresh and new.


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Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.

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