One Time Free Hosting Plan for Every Passionate Blogger: Serious Discount

get set live hosting giveaway

get set live hosting giveaway

I always wanted to have a website of my own but was scared of the huge investment that I have to make for hosting my website on Internet Platform. Following many others I started my blog on but the long name of my blog and the really unfriendly attachment of the was a major issue that was affecting my blog traffic and also limiting my creativity skills that I can put up to improve the front appearance of my blog page. The solution was to take the risk of getting hosting plans that cost me as low as it can and still serve me good enough to give a kick start to my blog. After long search I came to the conclusion that big hosting companies they will charge you more and give all the facilities but if they are saying that you can do hosting at just 3000 bucks a year then still they are looting you because the same hosting plan that they are providing you is available to them at just a cost of 1000 bucks. So they are actually making a profit of 2000 bucks.

Now that was a simple example that gave me a clear idea on my hosting plans. Now I needed to look for the same hosting plans that are available at lesser cost. Where to go?

Simple answer was:-go to the emerging firms. Since they are looking for customer base they will give you the hosting even at low profit margins.

But the question that immediately pops up in my mind is that, do they provide genuine hosting plans and the similar kind of services that are provided by big names like Hostgator, bigrock and many others?

After doing some inside research and talking to some experts in the field of blogging and website designing, I came to know that there are similar hosting servers used by all the hosting providers and all are using the same bandwidth and same infrastructure to host the websites of their customers. The only difference that comes up is on the end that how many servers a company hold. A bigger firm will have more customers so they need more servers and employees to serve the customers queries and needs.

But the best part of pairing up with smaller hosting providers is that they are easy to contact for queries and they give you the same hosting solutions at a lesser cost. Then why to invest in the name of big hosting providers who are like slow poison? They will be good for first year of your hosting and then you will start feeling the change in terms of slow website loading speed, frequent issues on hosting and regular mails of publishers pushing you to go for bigger hosting plans.

get best hosting free here

get best hosting free here

Take a good decision to make the best use of your earnings. We have talked to one of the best hosting providers who are in the field of hosting all kinds of websites and give similar hosting plans and solutions at a very reasonable cost. With Get set Live as the sponsors for this Great hosting plan we are ready to share the Best hosting discount that you can get on Internet.


To help the new Passionate Bloggers to grow we have asked for some great starting offers and to our surprise they have actually agreed to give away the hosting + domain @ just 199 for the first year of hosting and then the following years you will be charged just 1600.

Important Note:-We do not hold any commissions or affiliation with them and you can clear your doubts or your questions regarding hosting and this Smartdeal with them as well at the contact number on their website.

What do you get @ 199?


best hosting plans and discounts

best hosting plans and discounts


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They are providing wide range of hosting plans which you can pick as per your pocket and site’s requirements.

Moreover you can host your website on Linux, VPS server, Dedicated Servers, Linux Managed Servers and reseller hosting as well. You can use any framework like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Opencart etc. to design and manage your website.

The best Part is that you need not have to know coding to do all these set up and management. They provide you with the Best C-Panel facilities to select the best hosting features and inbuilt functions.

hosting features with us

hosting features with us


If you are starting your online career just now then Linux Hosting is best option for you.

What are We going to Give you in this Awesome free Hosting Give Away

  1. Hosting with one domain name.
  2. 1 GB Disk Space.
  3. 10 GB Bandwidth.
  4. Unlimited Database.
  5. 10 Emails.

All this on Linux Servers ( best option for hosting)

You should know that for starting a new blog these specification are more than enough and once you are able to monetize your blog with ads or any other medium you can easily upgrade your plan of hosting.

In this exciting giveaway we are going to provide not only hosting for 1 year but 1 FREE domain as well.

Who all can get hosting @199?

All bloggers who register with us will get the plan. After that you just need to enter a SmartCode to avail the offer.

New signup or first time hosting people will get the plan @199.


All you need to do is just fill up your details here and wait for the Call/Email from us.

We will ask you to write an article to make sure that you are one of the PASSIONATE BLOGGER and then you will get the email containing the SMARTCODE discount.

ADVANTAGE TO TAKE :- If you complete the article as per the requirements and details mentioned by us in email we will give you the HOSTING and DOMAIN for FREE ( no need to pay even 199 bucks, it is all actually free for you).

NOTE :- Don’t Worry if you think you can’t complete the article, we still have the offer of 199 for you open. You just need to register here and get the “SMARTCODE” delivered to your mail in next 24 hours.

Have you missed the Golden offer?

Don’t Worry. We have asked them to come up with more such offers for our readers and they have already pushed our request on high priority.

Soon we will be coming up with much more hosting plans that starts with as low as 199, 299, 399 and 499 and some FREE GIVEAWAYS as well for our Subscribers and Facebook fans.

We will soon come up with offers like this. To stay updated join our facebook page or REGISTER with us on our newsletter.



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One simple question:- Out of these 3 names which one is best and why?


 Yes you know that blogging at wordpress is not that interesting and moreover does not provide you the unique identity that your blog deserves.

STOP blogging at the boring blogspot and and get your own internet space now because what you blog has more value on your personal domain name.

What is the loss?

There is no loss actually. You are investing just 199 first time and then investing a small part of your earning online. Suppose you earn 10,000 in one year on your blogspot or wordpress domain. Now after shifting to your own domain name, you can earn much more than this and then investing 1600 per year is not a big challenge considering the growth that you will have after moving to the better hosting solution. This is my honest and personal views.

I have seen many bloggers shifting from shared hosting to personal hosting and having good growth rate. Kulwant Nagi is one of the example. Now he is one of the Top Indian Bloggers and teaches people how to actually monetize your blog without putting huge investment.

Concluding Advice

Move to a better hosting with a free domain NOW, because the right time to invest in your hard build internet blog is NOW.

Register Here 

register here



Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.

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Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.

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