Qualcomm announces Snapdragon 410 entry-level chipset

True 64-bit competitors of iPhone 5S to come at 10K, Qualcomm announces Snapdragon 410  , LTE announced




the news of MediaTek’s octa-cope chip based phone coming in January 2014 has created a excitement in the minds of many tech loving people. Now Qualcomm has announced its latest Snapdragon chip with 64-bit processing power.

The latest Snapdragon 410 processors are manufactured using 28nm process technology and feature processors that are 64-bit capable along with the Adreno 306 GPU, full-HD video playback and supports for up to a 13-megapixel camera.

The new Snapdragon 410 which will boast the 64-bit processing mode for phones will come with integrated 4G LTE World Mode. The chip will be manufactured using 28nm process technology and will feature processors that are capable of superior graphics performance with Adreno 306 GPU, 1080p video playback and up to a 13 Megapixel camera on the device. They will integrate 4G LTE and 3G cellular connectivity for all major modes and frequency bands across the globe and include support for dual and triple sim support.


The Snapdragon 410 chipsets also feature Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM and NFC functionality, and support all major navigation constellations: GPS, GLONASS, and China’s new BeiDou, which helps deliver enhanced accuracy and speed of Location data to Snapdragon-enabled handsets. The chipset will also support all major operating systems, including the Android, Windows Phone and Firefox OS.

“We are excited to bring 4G LTE to highly affordable smartphones at a sub $150 price point”, said Jeff Lorbeck, senior vice president and chief operating officer, Qualcomm Technologies, China. (This will be below 10K on a conversion at an exchange rate of $1 = Rs. 61.19) “The Snapdragon 410 chipset will also be the first of many 64-bit capable processors as Qualcomm Technologies helps lead the transition of the mobile ecosystem to 64-bit processing” he adds.

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Further, the Snapdragon 410 chipsets feature integrated 4G LTE and also support 3G connectivity, apart from support modes for dual-SIM or even triple SIM.

The processor is expected to begin sampling in the first half of 2014, and will power commercial devices in the second half of 2014. This means phones launching during the end of 2014 will go with this processor and even entry level phones will sport 4G LTE connectivity. The processor company that today powers Galaxy S4, Xperia Z, ZU Z1, Nokia mobile handsets in India is expected to power phones in 18 countries with the new processor next year.


Notably, Apple seems to have started the trend towards 64-bit processors in mobile devices, with theiPhone 5s and its custom Apple A7 SoC. Samsung followed suit after, with an announcement that it’snext-generation flagship would also sport a 64-bit processor.

Recently, Qualcomm unveiled its next generation of Snapdragon 800 tier mobile processors, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805.

The new Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chipset features a Krait 450 quad-core CPU, which the company claims is the first mobile CPU to run at speeds of up to 2.5GHz per core. The Snapdragon 805 also features the Adreno 420 GPU, which according to Qualcomm delivers 40 percent more graphics processing power than the GPU on the Snapdragon 800.


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Blogger and Engineer. Passionate about trekking, coding and discovering new places. I love to meet new people and do sketching in my spare time.

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