Google Apps for Business Referral Program pays you for every user that opts in


Who doesn’t like easy money? Well, now you can cash in on those word of mouth recommendations to your colleagues about Google Apps for Business. Through a new Referral Program, every time a person you know signs up for the corporate-minded services, you’ll get a $15 kickback via direct deposit. There’s no limit to the number of customers you can refer, however there’s a 100 user max per customer account. When you consider that the program pays per user, this makes sense. After submitting name, email and a tax ID number, users receive a unique referral link to share. Once that link is used… boom, money in the bank.

Google opens paid ‘Apps Referral Program,’ gives $15 bounty per user

you can sign for the program   here 

Google today announced a new Google Apps Referral Program that allows business to refer customers to the search engine’s paid services. Google claims that most of its customers were “word of mouth” referrals — to “help continue the momentum,”users can refer an unlimited number of customers, with up to 100 users per customer giving a $15 bounty per head to the referrer.

Referring users must provide a name, email address, bank account information for deposit of the bounty, and a valid taxpayer ID. Referrers receive a unique referral link after registering for the program, and start with email and website templates that Google provides to simplify the process.


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