iphone4 gets iOS7.1 update with Performance Improvements and CarPlay Support


Iphone 4 gets an OS update with many performance improvements.

Apple has reportedly launched iOS7.1 update that includes some bug fixes, an improved user interface and overall performance improvements. The update launch has a reason that  users have complained since day one that the new software was too heavy for their device Apple’s iPhone 4, originally released in 2010 , resulting in aggravating slowdowns without delivering all the banner features that newer devices were able to use. Apple’s new vehicle-optimised CarPlay UI makes its debut, as do new camera and Siri settings

Apart from speed improvements ,the long-awaited update shows some of the main visual changes in the phone dialer and power off features, which now have more rounded UI elements, like a separate decline and accept button below floating circular icons for the Remind Me and Message options.

Ars Technica reports that iPhone 4 users might now experience some relief. The latest OS update delivers a number of tweaks that make life a bit easier, such as reducing the amount of graphical flourish in screen transitions and making animations quicker and smoother.

The site notes that there are no performance improvements in benchmarks, but that the user experience is far better. Animations have been toned down across the board, putting less of a strain on the iPhone 4’s A4 CPU and eliminating artificial delays. In side-by-side tests of app loading times on iOS 7.1, 7, and 6.1.3, Ars notes that the previous major OS release is still quicker in many situations, but that the new 7.1 update is still a significant improvement over 7.0.

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Apple typically supports its hardware with OS updates for at least three years. It is extremely unlikely that the iPhone 4 will be included in the list of compatible devices when iOS 8 is released later this year. The next major iOS revision will likely be previewed at Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference in June.

A highly anticipated update to the iPhone 5s’s Touch IDfingerprint reader should also eliminate a problem with users finding their prints becoming unrecognisable over time. New options include a bolder keyboard and app UI elements for accessibility, plus various other minor tweaks.

The iPhone 4 is not available for purchase in most countries anymore, and is considered to be at the end of its lifecycle. However, Apple distributors in India recently made fresh stock available in the market, and are aggressively promoting this model as an affordable iPhone.

In depth review :-

According to The Verge, the update has brought in tweaks to the music app showing prominent repeat and shuffle icons, and the option to disable wallpaper motion when selecting an image. Improvements have also been made to the keyboard interface, making the shift and delete keys easier to see. However, the best visual tweak is that of the Notification Center, which now allows users to clear notifications more accurately.

The tech giant has fixed the ‘random reboots’ bug that iPhone 5S, iPad mini with Retina display, and iPad Air users had been experiencing, apart from fixing the TouchID issues, making recognition faster and more accurate. The report said that Apple has also added a new CarPlay feature, which aims to provide ‘eyes-free’ experience with the use of Siri voice commands to respond to incoming calls, dictate text messages, or access music library from a vehicle.

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Other changes include an adjustment to how Siri is triggered and if the home button is held down for longer, Siri would listen for longer, which is particularly useful while dictating calendar events

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