First Social App Only Accessible By Drunk People – LIVR says “DRINK TIL YOU LIVR”

video posted to Vimeo this week promoting LIVR, a smartphone app that claims to be the next big thing in social media, has quickly attracted attention and bounced around the Internet. The video already attracted more than 75,000 views, made its way to more than a few Facebook newsfeeds, and been covered by several tech-news websites.


Is the LIVR app real? Or another hoax?  LIVR

That’s because LIVR is the first social network that can only be accessed by drunk people. According to the video, users must breathe into a breathalyzer and register a high enough blood alcohol content level to use LIVR. Once inside, LIVR lets drunk users play a crowd-sourced game of “truth or dare,” call another random LIVR user (“drunk dial”), look up trending locations and get drink specials. There is also a “Blackout Button” that will permanently erase any record of the user’s activity.

LIVR App from LIVR on Vimeo.

LIVR founders Kyle Addison and Avery Platz use words like “revolutionary” and “a dream” to describe their product.

“The current state of social media is not a super-fun place to be,” said Addison in the video. “I think everyone’s trying to put their best face forward and showing themselves as kind of this perfect person, and no one’s perfect. People get a little wild, people do stupid things, and that’s what makes them interesting. That’s what makes them human, and I think that’s what LIVR is here to capitalize on.”

If you’re finding it hard to take LIVR seriously, that’s because you shouldn’t. It’s just the second elaborate hoax tricking the Internet this week.

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Gizmodo points out that no one has registered the trademarked the terms “Drunk Dial” or “LIVR,” despite the website’s claim. Searches for “Kyle Addison” and “Avery Platz” don’t turn up any results on the entrepreneurs, which wouldn’t happen if they were actually trying to generate interest in LIVR.

It turns out that Platz is actually a character created by comedian Matt Mayer.

There’s also the fact that smartphone breathalyzers definitely cost more than five dollars. As well as the fact that the whole concept of LIVR just seems to encourage irresponsible drinking and is exactly the sort of thing Apple would ban from the App Store.

But like the “HUVr Board” video, the LIVR video is very well produced and is backed up by an authentic-looking website and social-media accounts; whoever is behind the hoax has taken great care to cover their tracks.

It’s unclear who actually started LIVR or why, but it’s a pretty good prank, especially considering the amount of tech websites that have covered it as a real product.

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